Su-mo Sushi

Creative direction, logo design, Branding promotional, online, print


We like food, we like to taste it,we are gourmets, but we like more to design it. Presenting and designing food requires a lot of work and a quite a bit investment, with a concept if you want to succeed in this business. Its a really competitive business, but again the market is big, but the food producers do not have many chances when they make mistakes. Designing food is I can say how the food taste. As designers, we can not only design something, and not taste good. This was a virtual restaurant only for home deliveries, and we wanted to create something to keep the clients, the information to be straight forward and with some style. The direction of photography we choose to do it was based on the online ordering system, for the clients to make it easier and clear what they want to eat and what to order. The materials that they where sent to them after the order, were also design to make it not just another sushi place, but the sushi master virtual restaurant.

Creative direction: Panik Polyviou
Design: Panik Polyviou
Photography: Zoran Kovačević