Oliver’s coffee Cup – Installations

Creative direction, layout, logo design, Branding, copyrights, advertising, promotional, online, print, web


This is a perfect example of our key clientele. When Mr. Zeman and Mrs. Majeska came for the first time in our studio, we were talking just for a logo design for their new coffee shop, which at that time they did not even had a name for it. Through the entire process, we end up working creatively fully on the entire coffee shop concept, from branding, copyrighting, concept, online and interior graphics as well on the outdoor window advertising of the coffee shop. The owners gave us a free hand and mainly respect our creative point of you in our profession and we manage to design & manucature a complete project from the name to branding, menus, signage, business cards, leaflets, pins, employees outfits to a hand made wallpaper of the world map with all the coffee facts and locations of the coffee plantations.

Creative direction: Panik Polyviou
Design: Panik Polyviou
Photography: Maria Giarmeniti
Print/ Production/ Installation: GRAFIKSHOP