Musakkas – logo

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Musakkas, definition is: one of the best known and delicious greeck food in the world. When you say the world Musakkas, everybody knows it. This project was designed specially for a street food business in Prague with two good greek friends, who cook well. They started this by obtaining to food festivals and cooking for people. The idea grow and they wanted to have everything in an order, branded so people can recognise them whenever they are in Prague or in a festival. The idea is to be developed, with many ideas, of how the two friends can present the greek street food in Prague and not only food but also other beverages. At this point we are brainstorming ideas for a trolley, which will function not only for preparation purposes, but also for logistics, professionalism and mainly design. And last, they are doing the best musakka dish in the entire world.

Creative direction: Panik Polyviou
Design: Panik Polyviou