IAMX 2013 – Treasure Box

Print, design, promotional, branding


A limited edition for the first 1000 fans through pledge music for the support and funding for the album of IAMX, The Unified field. A specially designed box containing a CD, DVD three cards with artwork, an exclusive folded poster with special artwork and a surprise. The Treasure Box was only manufactured once, and only the amount that was pledged for went out. A completely white matted paper, with spot varnishes the band name at the top. All info at the back and sides, even the barcode only visible as shining at a specific perspective, for the unique fans who own this box.

Creative Direction Panik Polyviou, Reza Davoudi
Design Panik Polyviou
Artwork Thomas Robson
Packaging layout Panik Polyviou
Manufacture Optimal media, BerlĂ­n