GRAFIKSHOP – Christmas card

Creative direction, branding, logo design, layout, event management, copyrights, advertising, promotional, online, print, production


We always try to make something above all the limits of design. A busyness card is the first impression and the most important connection for new business development. We wanted to have something that it will attain to catch the impression of our potential clients, which we design and manufacture a three layer business cards with three different materials (coated paper 170g gloss, blue uncoated paper 250g mat and black board 400g mat) printed separately, glued together and then been cut. “Mediterranean blue” is our corporate colour, printing digitally in a Konica minolta production machine, and completely handmade, with all three different materials, shows our creative thinking, our printing abilities and the material accessibilities we have here at GRAFIKSHOP

Creative direction: Panik Polyviou
Design: Panik Polyviou
Photography: Maria Garmeniti
Print/ Production: GRAFIKSHOP