Exotic Food festival

Creative direction, branding, logo design, layout, event management, copyrights, advertising, promotional, online, print, production


This project started two years ago with the first year of Exotic food festival. The idea it just pop up to my mind when we where sitting with Alzbeta Smith in a coffee shop and we were wondering what is missing in Prague. We grab the idea of organising a food festival with exotic food so people living in Prague to get a taste of delicates that they never even imaging, just in front of their nose. GRAFIKSHOP plays an important role on the design and marketing of this event, from branding to radio spots, google ads and online marketing to print and outdoor advertising. The second year had the injection of the Ghetto section, which we wanted to change the a bit the logo into the more street feeling, which we added elements such as spray paint, wall etc. For the following year 2017 we are planning a development not only at the logo and the festival’s identity, but also on the artwork and the organisation of the event to make sure we keep our visitors and exhibitors happy and satisfied.

Creative direction: Panik Polyviou
Design: Ieva Ozola
Photography: Panik Polyviou
Print / Production: GRAFIKSHOP