Dance Company – logo

Creative direction, layout, graphic design, copyrights, advertising, promotional, online, print


When Jacopo Godani got the call to be the artistic director and choreographer of the previews The forsythe company, it was the right time to meet him. This account was pitched by two other agencies, firstly with a logo redesign and a completely a new website design. First we design the website and and after that GRAFIKSHOP is responsible for all the design work, such as web site design, logo, flyers and posters for the event, exhibition management and production consultancy to event programs and general branding of the Dresden Frankfurt dance company. GRAFIKSHOP is the creative agency which deals with all the design work of the dance company which for us open a new platform of operation in Frankfurt – Germany.

Creative direction: Panik Polyviou
Design: Panik Polyviou
Photography: Dominik Mentzos