For me, design is an integral part of business. The key to successful design it to give the business an engaging character and helping other people understand what is special and important about it.


When I’m working on a project, I try to see the full picture and take into account much more than just the graphics. What are the products and services we are looking to sell? What motivates the people doing the work? Why are they good at this? We must also address the needs and wishes of the target audience, to make sure they will like what the business is offering them.


Design that comes from a deep understanding of a business is not just beautiful, but contributes to the bottom line.


Seeing the whole picture is also crucial in my professional work. I am deeply involved in the full process of producing a successful marketing tool, from creative ideas to a finished product. This includes overseeing printing or programming to ensure that the work will be delivered to the customer exactly as I envisioned it.


My range includes drawing and painting, in addition to computer programs and animation. Each technique leads to a different outcome, so this allows me significant creative freedom and diversity to develop ideas in different directions and come up with something truly unique.


If you want to find out more about how I can help you transform your business with original and exciting design, I would be happy to invite you for coffee at the GRAFIKSHOP.